DIY Craft Stem Wire 扭扭棒彩色毛条
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20 colours 100pcs/set DIY Craft Chenille Stem Handmade Soft Felt Woven Wire Pipe Colorful Sticks Kids Toy Handcraft

Sold by: 1 set (20 colours with 100 pcs/ set)

Product material: high quality iron wire + high quality velvet

Product size: length 30cm, diameter about 6mm

Product features: bright colors, easy to distort, suitable for various shapes

Product function: Twisting rods are widely used in kindergarten DIY manual courses, combining hair roots, eyes, hair balls, etc. to make various shapes to improve children's imagination and creativity

Recommended gameplay 1: How to play with flowers
1. Circle the yellow hair roots first
2. Stuff the tail into the gap
3. Take a red hair root to hook the yellow edge, and then penetrate into the hair root
4. Repeated insertions can be made into flowers~
5. Finally the flowers are complete

Recommended gameplay 2: Carrots
1. Prepare 2 orange and 1 green hairy roots
2. Wrap 2 orange hair roots with a pen
3. After wrapping, take it off and use it to make carrots
4. Cut a green hair root in half and fold them in half
5. Tangle the green hair roots together. Used as carrot leaves
6. Insert the leaves into the fruit and a carrot will be ready

Recommended gameplay 3: Flowers 2
1. Prepare a few golden onion hairy roots
2. Fold the hair roots in half and cross them, and put the green hair roots in the middle
3. Wrap it with a hair root at the end and fix it
4. Then open a small flower like a flower below to complete it

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